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1. No Government University in India offers B.Des.
2. Therefore no college can offer B.Des via affiliation with any Government University.
3. So, for example, no college in Bangalore can provide B.Des by affiliation with Bangalore University.
What some institutions do is to affiliate with Bangalore University for B.Voc or BVA and then list
B.Des in the courses offered although Bangalore University itself has no such course as B.Des!

4. The only Government entities that offer B.Des are Govt.of India's National Institute of
Design (NID) & IIT (Also NIFT, but in Textile & Fashion Tech) , and no college can affiliate with these institutions since they are not universities.
5. Private Universities can offer any course by any name. So they offer courses called B.Des.

6. These B.Des  programs are not standard . Every private university has a different course called B.Des  and its content is as each university wishes. It is not a course controlled by Government or any statutory body (unlike B.Sc, B.Com, B.B.A., B.Tech etc.) 
7. Masters Abroad: It is completely false that B.Des is required to do Masters abroad or M.Des in India. A large number of students from NICC and many other colleges are doing their Masters (in Design) without B.Des. What is required is any Design-related degree (e.g. B.Sc.Vis-Com) from a W.E.S.-listed university (especially for Canada & USA) for Student Visa purposes and a (preferably) international-linked Design Skillset Diploma (with ECTS - European Credit Transfer System marksheet) with a really good portfolio of work. For example, one of the earliest students to get a full scholarship to IED Milan (one of the largest and most important design schools in the world) was Mr.Sagar Patki - an NICC student.
The announcement of this scholarship is shown here:



Note: 'National Institute of Creative Communication' is the original full name of NICC. 
8. Masters (M.Des) in India: 
This is an excerpt from the original 2022-23 document from NID regarding Masters Programs. The original can be accessed via this link:




NID M.Des 1.jpg

Note: NICC Graduates meet the specifications for both 2nd and 3rd options.
Very Important:

NICC specializations prepare the student for easy admission in NID Masters programs.
NICC's 'Innovation Design' program covers most of the specializations offered in NID M.Des. The student is therefore sure of having the knowledge to get admission to M.Des.

M.Des Specializations at NID: (Green circle indicates courses to which NICC courses are specifically matched ):

NID 2.jpg
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