2021-2022 Admissions Open

"Design is a process of developing purposeful and innovative solutions that embody functional and aesthetic demands based on the needs of the intended user. Design is applied in the development of goods, services, processes, messages and environments."

NID Ahmedabad (National Institute of Design) was declared an INI( Institute of National Importance ) INI status can be conferred by an act of Parliament of India to an institution which "serves as a pivotal player in developing highly skilled personnel within the specified region of the country/state".

The question is, why is a Design College considered of National Importance ?
Design is of National Importance because it is the heart of all commercial activity and is, therefore, a major pivot of a country's GDP and productivity.

The Director of NICC has been external Examiner ( New Media Design ) to NID Ahmedabad PG Campus (Gandhinagar) for seven years :
2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 ( M.DES-Master of Design ), and NICC follows the same principles of curriculum with the same objective

All items in the above images are the work of NICC students

The results of Design are all around us :
Product Design< : Furniture | Light Fittings | Appliances | Packaging | Vehicles | Special Needs Products | etc. Almost everything around you is a Designed Product.
Communication Design : Advertising | Graphics | Publications | Photography | Cinematography etc.
Visual Arts: An essential part of Communication Design including Photography and Cinematography.
UI/UX & Interaction Design : The world would not be the same without Websites and Apps !
Interior Design : Styling | Materials | Fixed & Movable Furniture & Fittings | Themes, Colours & Lighting.
These are the things that convert a shell to a home / office / commercial premises.
3D Animation : An important tool in today's world for everything from Gaming & Film to Product & Packaging previsualisation, Architecture & Interiors planning & every other Design Process.

The process of Design can be shown as a Flow-Chart :

This is a complex process of Research, Analysis, Planning, Validation & Technical Execution.
NICC Twinning Programs and Professional Diplomas teach every single aspect in depth, such that its graduates are in very high demand by Industry since their need is for career-ready graduates who have the Knowledge and the Skill-Sets to immediately apply this process of Design to their chosen application / specialisation.

Design is so important that at the 2019 NICC Convocation & Exhibition, TOI (Times of India) found our students' work so important that a large article was published by them the next day :

The New Indian Express also covered our students' work :