Science: Bachelor of Science (PM) Hindu College
Technology: S.Fellowship in Applied Technology - Biomed Engineering in Physiology / Biophysics (AIIMS)
Photography & Imaging: Masters’ Certificate in Digital Imaging.(Accr: TSBEC,USA)
Certificate of Outstanding Excellence in Photography (Accr: IACET,USA).

1. External Examiner (New Media Design) to Govt. of India’s National Institute of Design (NID, Ahmedabad) in 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 (M.DES).
2. Formerly: Member: Development Team, Committee on Science and Technology in Developing Countries, and
2. Consultant Scientist to Govt. of India Technology Design Projects (Ministry of Defence)
4. Specialist Consultant : Cross-Platform Integrated Technology & Digital Imaging (Vizag Steel Plant, Tata Interactive and multiple MNCs & Corporates)
5. Patent Holder for inventions in Accoustics, Small-Signal Electronics Processing, Automation

1. Specialist Photographer in Industrial, Macro, Nature and Pre-Bridal Portraiture since 1982
2. International ‘Stock’ Photographer from 1982-1999
3. Author: Work includes the 6-part Photo Techniques Teaching Series titled ‘ The Art of Macro Photography’ published in 1997, by BP-Tata Donnelley Ltd. and a further 3-part tutorial series titled ‘Macro Photography’.
4. Faculty at IIPC (India International photographic Council)
5. Convenor of Photography at the International Abilympics hosted by India and inaugurated by the Prime Minister in 2003.
6. Judge at Canon Photomarathon and numerous other events along with Mr.Wasim Khan and Mr. SudhirShivaram.
7. Mentor at Specialist Workshop series conducted for senior Canon executives.
NICC was selected by Canon India to be one of its prestigious national Authorized Training Centres on the basis of Dr.Rose's connection with the College.


Specialist Faculty: History of Art & Design, Styling & Art Direction
Ms. Aleksandra Rotar's Alma Mater is The College of Fine and Applied Arts (VSLIPU), Belgrade University.

She has been a participating guest artist at the 'Q' Group of creative artists, and 'Terra' Art Colony in Serbia.
As a practicing designer, her consultancies revolve around domains of Design for Advertising, Interactive Media, and Experiential Design. Some of her past highlight projects include the setup of visual merchandising systems at the flagship store of Champion USA, in Belgrade, Serbia ( Europe ), Art Direction and coordination of Advertising Design solutions for the first shoppertainment events for Prestige Group, in Bangalore, and Design for Retail Experience project for SKC Group. She has also developed digital content for several e-learning modules, of which one was commissioned by TATA Interactive .
As Dean of NICC, her objectives are to focus on holistic and interdisciplinary approaches in Media and Design-related teaching curricula and practices. She teaches History of Art and Design, Styling and Art Direction applied to different creative disciplines.

She is a recipient of the Kiran Achievement Award for her work in the fields of Art and Education, awarded by Women’s International Network.


Mr. Vipin Chandran Pathiyil has been a designer for 15 years and has been teaching various aspects of visual and communication design for the last 8 years.
He was a member of the faculty at the National Institute of Creative Communication, Bangalore and L'Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués, Bangalore.
As a design consultant he specialises in identity & brand design, UI/UX design and type design. Some of the brands he has worked with include Royal Challengers Bangalore, Domino's Pizza, Le Méridien Hotels, Hoffmann Bewirtung India, Forum Neighbourhood Mall, Idea Device, Exit Café, and the successfully crowd-funded robotics project – Aido.
In 2015 he co-founded Radworx, an advertising agency based in Kochi.
Apart from teaching he has conducted workshops on persona development, and speculative design. His interests include non-linear narratives, ergodic literature, role of sound in UX design and generative art.
He holds a B. Tech degree in electrical & electronics engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Kozhiokode.


Mr. Sanjay is a graduate of NID (National Institute of Design) and holds a Diploma in Visual Communication Design with a specialization in Graphic Design.
In 1997 he designed the current visual identity for ICICI Bank.

Mr. Sanjay has worked as graphic designer at the Nehru Foundation for Development, Mapin Publishing, Indian Express and House of MG.
He was an Art Director with Images Design Studio and Graphis Ads.
He has also undertaken various communication design projects for the famous House of MG in Ahmedabad.
He has over 10 years of experience in teaching visual communication at National Institute of Design, Srishti School of Art Design & Technology, and Design Quotient Labs.
At NICC, he delivers an important aspect of Design – hands-on involvement with Graphic Design which includes traditional and Digital Typography, Layout, Graphics and Collage.
He is also responsible for delivering the foundation in Elements and Principles of Design, Color Theory, Form and Material Exploration for Packaging and Spatial Design.


Mr. Purushothaman has over 17 years of experience in multiple domains comprising of Online Gaming and Academic coaching.
A creativity - driven product manager and producer with years of experience, successfully leading and coordinating projects in the online gaming industry with practical expertise in running the show for multiple AAA games and supporting other leading AAA titles published by K2 Network (Gamers First).
During his tenure as Academic Faculty, he has trained and mentored more than 800+ students in esteemed colleges and institutions on diverse projects in the field of multimedia.

He holds an Advanced Professional Diploma in Multimedia and is an expert in 3D Programs, Game Development & Moving Media Post Production
and is the Author of the book, "Character Rigging and Advanced Animation" published by Apress Media LLC


Dennis C Muricken is a highly qualified and accomplished professional Cinematographer with a Degree in Film and Digital Cinematography from Met Film School, London. He is a professional cinematographer who worked in the Malayalam film industry as well as the Kannada film industry.
He has 5 years of experience in feature films and also for events of IPL and Royal Challengers Bangalore.


Photographer & Teacher. Abhyuday Says: "When you have an eye for nature, one is bound to observe how a tree grows, how birds proceed with nesting, how an animal camouflages in its habitat and how exotic a starry night looks. Mother Nature has provided us with endless opportunities to experience her beauty."
What Abhyuday Singh Pawar does, isn’t merely to take notice, but to capture beauty and defining moments through his lenses.
He works at the art of balancing different aspects within the spectrum of photography covering Wildlife, Events, Products, Food, Travel and other specialities. Originally, Abhyuday is from Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, where he grew up inspired by different historical monuments and wildlife in the dense jungles surrounding him. When he discovered his calling and passion for photography in 2010, he started traveling to cities like Indore, Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru to expand his horizon.
He took the opportunity to share his knowledge through teaching students various techniques and rules of photography during 8 years of his professional career.

He has worked with companies like Zomato, Shangri La Hotel, Swiggy and many more over the past few years proving that he can excel, even when boundaries are set and the pressure is high!


An Architect and Interior Designer from R.V.S. School of Architecture, Ms.Sowmya has been a Consultant Architect to The Department of Health & Family Welfare, State of Tamil Nadu. She was Professor of Interior Design at SINGEM, Chennai, and has trained at Synergy, Bangalore and at Suvasthuk Architects.

She has also worked as Associate Architect for several projects, and is an expert at Architectural & Interior Design Software such as Autocad, Sketchup Pro, Lumion, V-Ray and others.


M.Tech (CAE) VTU, B.E.(Mech) VTU, Diploma (Mech) DTE Board.
Gold Medal Award Winner & State 1st Rank in M.Tech ( CAE )
Formerly Assistant Professor Brindavan College of Engineering
and Quality Engineer for Automotive Parts and Pumps at Aisin Automotive PL.
Specialises in : Material Strengths, Machine Kinematics, Manufacturing Technologies,
FEA ( Finite Element Analysis ), and Machine Duesign. He teaches Product Design Engineering at NICC.


Graphic designer, story board artist, Character designer, and Comic book illustrator, visualizer and experimental artist.
He studied in St Xavier’s College with Multimedia Animation and studied in ICAT College with Digital media Animation.
He is the author and illustrator of the comic book “Metal maniac “. He is also the co-author and illustrator of the comic short book “The Stranded“.
He worked as a freelance designer for 5 years. He was a designer of AMDM a designing agency in Kolkata and was an active participant in Kolkata Wall Graffiti Movement. He is the winner of Kolkata experimental art award.
He worked as a graphic designer and artist at "Plugged" in (Kolkata), and is deeply involved in the Kolkata music & art scene as a designer, creating several gig posters and band merchandise elements for : THE VIBE FEST, HELL FEST KOLKATA, ELYSIUM.
He has worked with several branding firms in Bangalore and as a Visualizer at "Tingg Tv" and designed creatives for Ramaiah Group of Hospitals and Bake flicks Entertainment, a production house under Tingg .


Mr. Ganapati Hegde has a degree in Electronics and communication engineering and Master of Science in Embedded System Design He has working experience of 15 years in technical training and in the electronic Industry. He worked as Technical Expert in GIZ international Services. His previous career experience includes : Manager, Technical in LED lighting Industry and heading the Electronics department in NTTF electronics city, Bangalore.
His area of expertise involves electrical design of LED lighting systems and chip development, Electronic Product Development, surface mount technology, wireless network technology and technical training in the above diversified areas.


Mr.Arvind.M is a passionate photographer & trainer with an eye for detail. Many of his photographs have been selected for Exhibitions of different Genres.
He is the founder of Arvis Photography and former Center Head and of an Educational Institute.
He has also taught Graphics software at many institutions for the past 10 years, and has been involved in several commercial photo-shoots and Photography Workshops with prestigious clients such as Canon, Golden Spa, Food Geek Restaurant, East Pont College, ShanthiniKatan School, JD Institute, NICT and many more.


Eminent and respected professionals from various MNCs, Industries and Institutions periodically conduct specialist classes and workshops at NICC. This provides up-to-date knowledge of current akill-set requirements for high-level entry to industry careers.


In addition to regular administrative staff, NICC has full-time dedicated Placement Officers and Career Guidance staff who are constantly in touch with Industries who contact NICC for Campus Placement and continuously interact with Industry to ensure optimum Placement for our graduates.with potential career offers