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Hello and welcome to NICC. My name is Professor Dr. Akash Kumar – a brief CV is appended below. In these rapidly-changing times and an ever-evolving career landscape, conventional formulae of education, particularly in the several fields of Design, are outdated and ineffective in producing capable in-demand graduates. The world applied the concept of S.T.E.M. education and found it inadequate. International movement is now in the direction of S.T.E.A.M. education. This incorporates the Arts into the streams of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It is new in terms of education systems, but those of us who are Design Professionals have always understood the importance of this integration. Design is wrongly perceived as a matter of creating pretty pages or interesting patterns. Design is the central pivot of all creative engineering, product design and evolution of the world we live in. The essence of this is illustrated in these brilliant quotes:

"Design is not just what it looks like & feels like. Design is how it works"..   Steve Jobs
"Design is where Science & Arts break even" .. Robin Mathew

Those who embrace this enlightened view of Design are the ones whom every Industry wants but cannot find. This may explain how elite industries such as Tata Elxsi (the central Design Hub of the TATA Group) set aside existing policy and took on an NICC Undergraduate as an intern. She earned an extended internship at Elxsi and earned the platform that took her to the U.K. – the fulfillment of her dream. Recently in early 2023, another NICC graduate was appointed at TATA Elxsi, winning the position against hundreds of other aspirants. An NICC graduate won the coveted full scholarship to IED Milan (the world’s largest, most respected Design college) to do his Master’s against global competition including IED’s own students! In April 2023, 7D Design Company visited three of the most well-known Institutes of Design searching for competent Design graduates who would complete a Paid Internship and be absorbed into the Company. They couldn't find them until they came to NICC. Five final year students were selected. There are numerous success stories like this where NICC graduates have attained and fulfilled their dreams.

NICC adopts a unique pedagogic system where the Arts and Sciences are merged and applied to real-world Design solutions. What makes this possible is the person-to-person one-on-one teaching system and the services of a dedicated team of industry-immersed professionals as teachers. The future belongs to those trained under this system, and NICC is the pioneer in its successful implementation.

Prof. Dr. Akash Kumar R

Founder & Director-Academics

An applications scientist, formerly consultant scientist to Govt. of India projects and Development Team Member-Committee on Science & Technology in Developing Countries. Further recognition in the world of Design is reflected in service as External Examiner to Govt. of India's premier Design Institute, NID (Ahmedabad/Gandhi Nagar P.G. Campus) for seven years. As an authorized guide to Engineering Colleges (Final Year B.E.) and Academics Director NICC, much of my life has been dedicated to Education and the creation of new-wave international pedagogic systems to ensure global acceptance and preferred placement of talented young people.

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