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Visual Arts

Undergraduate Program Specialization

D. Des Visual Arts + B.A Mass Com

This course creates in-demand professionals in the fields of photography & cinematography - NICC Grads have won positions in Canon & Nikon in preference to all other applicants. NICC is the only authorized partner to Canon  (Canon Imaging Academy) in Karnataka. The course also offers specialization in 3D , Gaming, and Industrial applications of 3D technology.

Program Duration: 4 Years  
Eligibility: 10+2 & NICC Admission Process

Program Breakup

D.Des : WES-Accepted UGC-Approved Degree + Govt.Approved International Professional Diploma (Linked via ELIA Amsterdam)


BA Mass Com OR
B.B.A - Combination of Professional Imaging Skills with Business Administration knowledge is a powerful platform for employment in Industry.

The above WES-accepted supporting degrees are awarded directly by the University

Specialization Areas

1. Commercial Photography

2. Cinematography

3. Editing & Post-production

4. Motion graphics & VFX

5. 3D Modeling & Rendering

6. Game Design


  • Academic Fees:

    • Rs. 2.8Lacs / Year 

  • Hostel Accommodation:

    • Single Room with attached bath & food - Rs. 1.9 Lacs/Yr. 

    • Twin Sharing Room with attached bath & food - Rs. 1.5 Lacs/Yr. 

National & International 

  • 4-Year International Professional Diploma*
    (NICC-ELIA Europe) with ECTS Marksheet

  • International Professional Projects & Portfolio

NICC is approved by DCE (The Directorate of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Karnataka)

Curriculum Highlights

Foundation of Visual Arts

  • Explore fundamental principles of visual arts, including composition, color theory, and perspective.

  • Develop skills in drawing, painting, and traditional art mediums to express artistic vision.

Photography and Cinematography

  • Learn techniques in photography, including camera operation, lighting and composition.

  • Explore cinematic storytelling through cinematography, including camera movement, framing, and shot composition.

3D Animation and Modeling 

  • Gain proficiency in 3D animation software tools to create dynamic and realistic animations.

  • Learn 3D modeling techniques to design characters, environments, and props for animation and gaming projects. 

Game Development and Design

  • Understand the principles of game design, including game mechanics, level design, and player interaction.

  • Gain skills in game development software tools to create interactive and immersive gaming experiences.

Post-Production and Visual Effects

  • Learn post-production techniques, including video editing, color grading, and compositing.

  • Explore visual effects (VFX) techniques to enhance storytelling and create immersive visual experiences.

Portfolio Development

  • Compile a comprehensive portfolio showcasing work in photography, cinematography, 3D animation, game design and post-production.

  • Receive guidance on presenting and promoting portfolio to potential clients and employers.

Career Prospects

With a diverse skill set spanning photography, cinematography, 3D animation, game design, and post-production, graduates of the program are prepared to pursue rewarding careers in the visual arts and entertainment industries, where they can unleash their creativity and make a significant impact through their artistic vision and technical expertise.

Graduates of the Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Visual Arts Program are well-prepared for diverse career opportunities in the visual arts and entertainment industries, including:

  • Photographer: Specialize in various genres of photography, including portrait, landscape, fashion and commercial photography.

  • Cinematographer: Work in film, television, or digital media industries, capturing compelling visuals and conveying stories through cinematography.

  • 3D Animator: Create animation for films, television, advertising, video games, and other digital media projects.

  • Game Designer: Design game concepts, levels, characters, and gameplay mechanics for video games and interactive experiences.

  • Visual Effects Artist: Work in the film, television, and advertising industries to create visual effects and enhance visual storytelling.

  • Post-Production Specialist: Edit and enhance video content for films, television shows, commercials, and online media platforms. 

  • Multimedia Artist: Create multimedia projects combining photography, cinematography, animation, and visual effects for various applications, including advertising, marketing, and entertainment.

Student Work

Meet the Experts


Vipin Chandran Pathiyil

Head of Faculty

A designer for 15 years and has been teaching various aspects of visual and communication design for the last 8 years.


Dennis Muricken

Senior Associate Faculty - Cinematography

A highly qualified and accomplished professional Cinematographer with a Degree in Film and Digital Cinematography from Met Film School, London.


Purushothaman Raju

Senior Associate Faculty - Multimedia Design

An accomplished 3-D & Computer Applications expert with two published books on the subject. 


Naveen Chandran Nair

Senior Associate Faculty - Photography

A Professional photographer with over 10 years of experience. He has been featured in multiple magazines and websites for creative photography & editing.  


M. Arvind

Associate Faculty - Photography

A passionate and accomplished Photography professional with a deep commitment to teaching.

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