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UI/UX Design

International Professional Diploma Program

User Interface and User Experience Design combines the science of coding with the arts of understanding visual design and user engagement. Application areas include web design, app design and special applications. This one-year course is intensive and can be considered as an upskilling platform to learn the latest trends in these fields or to commence a rewarding career.

Program Duration: 1 Year
Eligibility: Open

Program Breakup

National & International 

  • International Professional Diploma* (NICC-ELIA Europe) with ECTS Marksheet

  • International Professional Projects & Portfolio


1. NICC Professional Diplomas are approved by Directorate of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Karnataka


1. Web Design

2. App Design

3. Dashboards

4. UX Design
5. AI Integration


  • Academic Fees:

    • Rs. 1.9 Lacs/Yr. for Indian Residents

  • Hostel Accommodation:

    • Single Room with attached bath & food - Rs. 1.9 Lacs/Yr. 

    • Twin Sharing Room with attached bath & food - Rs. 1.5 Lacs/Yr. 

Curriculum Highlights

Our 1-Year Diploma Program in UI/UX Design prepares students for dynamic careers at the intersection of design and technology, where they play a crucial role in shaping user experiences across digital platforms. Through a blend of design theory, user research, prototyping, and collaboration, students gain the skills and knowledge needed to create intuitive, user-centric interfaces that delight and engage audiences. Whether aspiring to work in tech startups, design agencies, or large corporations, graduates of this program emerge as adaptable and innovative designers ready to tackle the challenges of the digital age.

User Experience Design Fundamentals

  • Explore the principles of user-centered design, usability, and accessibility to create seamless digital experiences that meet user needs and business goals.

User Interface Design

  • Learn to design visually appealing and interactive interfaces for websites, mobile apps, and other digital products using industry-standard design tools.

Interaction Design

  • Develop expertise in crafting intuitive navigation flows, interactive elements, and animations to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

Prototyping and Testing

  • Utilize prototyping tools and usability testing techniques to iterate and refine design solutions based on user feedback and usability metrics.

Design Systems and Collaboration

  • Gain experience working in multidisciplinary teams, collaborating with developers, product managers, and stakeholders to bring design concepts to life and ensure consistency across platforms.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the UI/UX Design Diploma Program are well-positioned for diverse career opportunities in the rapidly growing field of digital design, including:

  • UI Designer: Focus on designing visual interfaces and interactive elements that optimize user interaction and enhance aesthetic appeal.

  • UX Designer: Dive deep into user research, information architecture, and usability testing to create intuitive and seamless user experiences that drive user satisfaction and retention.

  • Interaction Designer: Specialize in designing dynamic and engaging interactions, animations, and micro interactions that elevate the overall user experience and brand perception.

  • Product Designer: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to conceptualize, design, and iterate on digital products and features, aligning design decisions with user needs and business objectives.

Student Work

Meet the Experts


Vipin Chandran Pathiyil

Head of Faculty

A designer for 15 years and has been teaching various aspects of visual and communication design for the last 8 years.


Purushothaman Raju

Senior Associate Faculty - Multimedia Design

An accomplished 3-D & Computer Applications expert with two published books on the subject. 

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