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NICC Magic Formula

International Professional D.Des* + UGC-Approved Degrees

*NICC and its courses are approved by the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Karnataka, India.

Experience the unparalleled success of the NICC Education Formula:

International Professional Diploma* + UGC-Approved Degrees (WES Accepted -necessary for Canada & USA)

NICC holds approval from the Directorate of Collegiate Education (DCE), bolstered by ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts) affiliate membership for its Professional Diplomas. Our Degrees stem directly from esteemed Government Universities, recognized by the World Education Service (W.E.S) – essential for Higher Studies in Canada and USA. Enrollment is straightforward, and our Degrees ensure parity with regular Degree Certificates, eliminating any distinction between ODL and distance education. NICC oversees all associated processes seamlessly.

  • Our International Professional Diploma furnishes invaluable Skillsets, ECTS Marksheet & Portfolio, paving the path to coveted Industry Careers and Preferred Admission to top Design Colleges worldwide for Masters*.

  • The WES - Accepted Degree is indispensable for pursuing Higher Studies abroad or postgraduate studies in India, if necessary.

Combining the Skillset International Diploma with The Degree opens doors to Global Emigration opportunities.
*Our distinguished alumni thriving in prestigious industries locally or in eminent universities abroad have all been propelled by the NICC International Diploma, Portfolio & Marksheet. Reach out to NICC for exemplary case studies and detailed insights.

While diplomas and degrees hold value, it's the acquisition and demonstration of skillsets through a comprehensive portfolio that truly matters. At NICC, our Skillset Diploma ensures students are equipped with current, industry-standard skillsets, regularly updated to meet industry demands. Coupled with a well-crafted portfolio showcasing these proficiencies, our students consistently outshine others, securing rewarding careers and gaining admission to top Master's programs abroad.

*NICC recommends a useful synergistic degree course and university and assists students in all connected processes including additional tuition as required.NICC is not affiliated to these Universities and is not a Study Centre for any University. NICC is an Autonomous, Independent Institution approved by The Directorate of Collegiate Education, Govt..of Karnataka and Member-Affiliate of ELIA, Amsterdam (Holland / Netherlands)The key component of NICC education is the professional international Govt.-approved program. It is this program which has led to such success of our graduates and their high-level placement, scholarships and Masters abroad. The degree is additional , runs in parallel along with the International program, and students can opt out of it if desired..

Why does NICC offer this type of Twinning Program?

NICC provides the Twinning Program with a clear purpose: our commitment lies in fostering careers, not merely conferring academic credentials. Our graduates have realized their aspirations of securing positions in esteemed companies, bypassing conventional HR procedures. Through our Placement Platform, they gain direct access to executive-level opportunities via campus placements, recommendation letters, and direct engagement with management. Moreover, a substantial number of NICC alumni have pursued advanced studies abroad, earning places in renowned universities for their Master's degrees. This phenomenon has led to the emergence of what we proudly term the "NICC International Community.

So, what is this special NICC magic that other institutions don't have?

NICC benefits from the visionary leadership of an eminent Design Professional with a distinguished career. Serving as a Consultant to Government of India projects, including the Ministry of Defence, and contributing as a Member of the Committee on Science and Technology, this individual brings a wealth of experience. Additionally, having served as an External Examiner for seven years at the esteemed National Institute of Design (NID Ahmedabad P.G. Campus, Gandhinagar), they possess unparalleled insights into the needs of the corporate world.

NICC's distinctive edge lies in its curriculum, meticulously crafted and continuously updated through global consultation with both Industry and Academia. This ensures that our programs remain at the forefront of industry trends, equipping our students with the skills and knowledge demanded by today's dynamic job market.

Key Points:

  1. The landscape is saturated with numerous Design Institutes.

  2. Graduates from these institutions often struggle to match the caliber of NICC graduates or gain acceptance into prestigious overseas Master's programs.

  3. NICC graduates stand out due to their distinctiveness. Equipped with Real-World Applied Skillsets imparted by industry professionals, they surpass conventional textbook knowledge delivered by instructors. They enter the workforce prepared and make immediate, meaningful contributions.

  4. NICC pioneers the STEAM pedagogic system in India, reflecting an international trend. Portfolios of NICC graduates exemplify this comprehensive approach to design, encompassing Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering, and Math—wherein the mathematical component is fundamental, alleviating concerns.

  5. Our teaching methodology prioritizes continuous hands-on experimentation, fostering innovation through project-based learning. The resultant portfolios serve as powerful "Tickets to Employment" in industries seeking interdisciplinary talents—a scarce commodity in today's market.

  6. Excluding National Institute of Design & IIT, there's a notable absence of institutions offering a fraction of NICC's immersive, real-world, interdisciplinary curriculum.


It's worth noting that numerous industries listed on our homepage (and countless others) base their assessments solely on the International Portfolio and Marksheet.

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