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India's First Dedicated Interdisciplinary Design Institute 

Do you wish to stand out in today's competitive careers market?

Standard Degrees and Paper Qualifications don't matter much any longer.
NICC's European STEAM (Science & Art) Curriculum delivers the
Knowledge, Skillsets & Portfolio that make you special. The unique combination of 
Science + Arts + Business Knowledge was pioneered by NICC and is exactly what Industry today demands.

NICC is internationally connected and offers a comprehensive interdisciplinary curriculum based on the current European education model. NICC is a Member-Affiliate of the Global European Network, ELIA, Amsterdam, and approved by the DCE Govt. of Karnataka, India. You get a Degree, a 4-Year Govt.-Approved Professional Diploma (Global/ International with E.C.T.S.), a life-changing combination of
trans-disciplinary skillsets taught by acclaimed professionals and scientists - unlike anything anywhere else.  Call us, drop in and see us or speak to our students and alumni to make the best career decision of your life.
Also, if going abroad is your dream, take a look at our track record - NICC is the perfect, proven take-off point for Masters' abroad in the most elite universities in Europe.


"Design is where Science & Art break even" - Designer Robin Mathew
"Design is not just what it looks like & feels like. Design is how it works" - Steve Jobs.

Affiliations & Associations


Amsterdam, Netherlands (Holland)

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The Only Authorized Canon Academy in Karnataka

Degrees Awarded By


Bharathiar University

Institutional Member

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On Campus Classes Only


International Professional D. Des + UGC Approved Degrees from WES* Accepted Govt. Universities awarded directly by the University

Next-Gen Innovation Design 


Communication Design

Interior & Spatial Design

Visual Arts

*WES - World Education Services
(necessary for higher studies in Canada & other countries)

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International Professional D. Des + UGC Approved Degrees from WES* Accepted Govt. Universities awarded directly by the University

Architecture & Spatial Design

Communication Design

Photography & Cinematography

*WES - World Education Services
(necessary for higher studies in Canada & other countries)

Why Study At NICC?

It is the first Design Institute in India to practice the vision, "Design is where Science & Art break even" 
NICC courses are unique and deliverable only by industry professionals
- not from textbooks, but from ongoing industry-connected experience.
Every student at NICC is individually guided and taught to become an in-demand professional in his or her chosen field. NICC has an outstanding success rate in achieving industry career placement and international higher-studies acceptance across the globe.
Spend only for Education in India. Be Globally accepted for Masters
Scroll down for examples.

Design is not what it looks like, Design is how it works - Steve Jobs


Dual Certification

Get dual certificate for UG and PG Twinning Programs:

  1. International Career-Specific ECTS Graded Professional Diploma    (Approved by Directorate of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Karnataka) linked to ELIA Amsterdam (Note: NICC is listed there by full name - 'National Institute of Creative Communication')
    The International D.Des provides the Skill-sets, knowledge, ECTS marksheet & portfolio which give you eminent Industry Careers as well as preferred Admission to Reputed Design Colleges Abroad

  2. U.G.C Approved Degree
    (Given directly by the concerned government university)
    Bharathiar University is one of the most highly-regarded Govt. Universities in the country and its Degrees are recognised by foreign countries as valid and respected educational qualifications.
    Bharathiar is accepted by W.E.S. (World Education Service), necessary for Higher Studies in Canada and many other countries. Students are enrolled directly in the university. NICC looks after all connected processes.


Member Affiliate with ELIA - Europe

European League of Institutes of the Arts, Amsterdam, Netherlands/Holland

The Affiliate-Membership provides "Sister-College" status for NICC with over 400 top best Design Colleges Worldwide and provides platform for NICC graduates to get preferential admissions to these institutions.

Note: Our listing on ELIA website is as "National Institute of Creative Communication" - the full form of "NICC"

Authorized Knowledge Partner to Canon Imaging Academy 

It is an honor to be selected as the only representative Academic Partner to Canon in the entire State of Karnataka.
In addition to this, there are many benefits to our students, particularly of Photography & Cinematography : Their Graduation Certificate will carry the Canon Imaging Academy Logo thus certifying the quality of education received. Furter benefits include:

  1. Discounts on Canon equipment

  2.  Instructional sessions held at NICC by Canon Equipment Experts to update students on the latest developments and trends in digital imaging. 

  3. Canon-approved senior faculty.

  4. Placement opportunities. 

UN's Sustainable Development Goals 

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the UN’s blueprint for a more sustainable future for all.

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are important actors in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. As agents of knowledge, HEIs maintain a critical role in contributing to a socially fair, economically viable, and environmentally protected world.

How NICC can help achieve SDGs Goals


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SDG Goal 9 - Industry Innovation.jpg

NEP 2023 Compliant

A pivotal concept in The National Education Policy for Higher Education is Interdisciplinary, Cross-Platform learning, and this is precisely the strongest feature of the NICC curriculum and course structure. NICC is a pioneer in this pedagogic system and is the first Indian Design Institution to embrace this policy which it has implemented in a unique highly industry-integrated manner for almost two decades.


STEAM Education

The STEM model of education is a root pedagogic system in schools worldwide, but current studies have shown  that it is inadequate in providing the right framework for truly creative professionals - particularly in the various fields of Design which are central to innovative evolution in Industry. There is, therefore, an intense global movement to include Arts & Design ('A'in STEAM ) as part of Integrated Curriculum systems. NICC is the first Indian Institution to have implemented this concept in its continuously evolving, industry-connected development of pedagogy for almost 2 decades. The essence of the STEAM model is expressed well by Robin Mathew: "Design is where Science & Art break even."

"My son Samyamoy completed his bachelor degree at NICC, Bangalore. It's a marvelous institute developed by their faculties, who groom a boy or a girl in very effective manner to build his or her career in visual communication. Due to such orientation my son got a big opportunity for Master in SRFTI, Kolkata. Praying for amazing future of NICC."

Dr. DebashisDebnath, M. Sc., Ph.D.
Premchand Roychand Scholar of Calcutta University (Gold Medalist); Associate Professor (Faculty of Social Anthropology), Faculty Area of Sociology and Community Development;
Chairperson- International Centre for Community Forestry, Indian Institute of Forest Management.

Shown below are of some of the countries in which NICC Grads are / were studying at Masters Level 
Placements are carried out via a dedicated Placement Cell closely connected on the Industry Network and take place via Campus Placement and direct upper-management-level introduction. L
ogos* shown are of some of the elite corporates at which NICC grads have been employed.
*The Logos are the property of their rightful owners